Outdoor Living Promotes Happiness

I came to a realization this past weekend as I was staring out at the beautiful mountain views. I need to get outside more often. I spend Monday through Friday in a cubicle, in a car, or on my couch. I spend weekends lounging around the house, recovering from the week. I’m completely missing out on everything that nature has to offer and I can feel it in my mood. I hiked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last weekend and came out of that weekend a completely changed woman.  It’s late morning as I write this post and I already feel the clock ticking for the day. I want to be outside – now.


I think for many twenty somethings, social life starts after dark.  Friends typically want go to to restaurants, bars, and clubs at night. I luckily swapped out bars for breweries a few years ago, but I still was caught up in that type of schedule.  Lounge during the day, hang out with friends at night.  This weekend made me realize that enjoying a craft beverage with friends from a thermos overlooking a gorgeous mountain view is 100 times better than enjoying that same beverage in a bar or brewery after dark.


This whole process of Debt Albatross has changed me. I had a friend in town this past weekend and on Sunday she suggested we spend a few hours shopping.  The old me would have absolutely wanted to do that.  The new me tried to hide my distaste for the activity. I don’t see the point of spending a beautiful sunny afternoon walking in well lit stores thinking about buying things I don’t need. I don’t need more clothes. I don’t need anything. I have more than enough stuff from my years of consumerism to hold me over for awhile.


We decided to go hiking instead and we both were grateful for it. We took my pup who was extremely well behaved (thanks to the Gentle Leader Leash – one purchase from this past weekend I will never regret). The pup was happier, I was happier, and I think my friend was inspired to start taking up more outdoor activities as well.

Happy pup hiking

Mr. Debt Albatross and I have talked about putting together an outdoors bucket list – a list of activities that we want to do and scenic places we want to see in the coming months. It’s funny because our lists used to be dominated by things we wanted to buy. It’s a major shift for us and it feels great.